“Every key relationship has three core elements: there’s a piece that’s trust, a piece that’s quality and a piece that we create together. Put them all together and you’ve got what construction is supposed to be.”   

Sam Perry, Project Executive | Principal

Sam credits Source’s solid reputation to the team’s habit of treating every project as an exercise in building trust. “We’ve built a culture where nothing but the best is expected, whether that’s production or quality or client relations.  When people see that you and your team are constantly bringing that drive to every interaction, they start to get that you care as much about their project as they do.”

As one of the founders of Source, Sam knows what it means to take an idea and build it into something real. He knows that creation takes stamina, integrity and, most importantly, collaboration. “When I’m leading a master budgeting session, my first and most important task is to create a shared vision. As we work with the client and the architect, we’re all pulled into the same team, trying to make the biggest impact possible within their budget.

Sam’s background as a builder makes these planning sessions highly efficient. “I’m big on issues of constructability.  If you can address those early on,  you’ll make the construction stage seamless and without surprises.”

When not building or planning, Sam is pursuing an outdoor adventure with his family, from camping under the giant redwoods to helping his kids discover the optimal flame to marshmallow ratio.


“With great planning you accommodate complexity and create something spectacular.”

Chris Demos, Project Executive | Principal 

Whether crunching numbers or managing projects, Chris digs into the details.  He explores and analyzes the impact of various decisions, so people fully grasp the bigger picture and make informed decisions.    

Because of decades of experience throughout the construction industry, from estimator to design and construction management, Chris speaks every stakeholder’s language and understand their concerns. “I’m working in concert with the architect, the client and the contractor. We all have ideas and it’s at those transition points where the design really crackles.”

When not running projects or numbers, Chris runs and bikes massive distances. He regularly does half Ironman Triathlons, half and full marathons, and long distance charity rides.  “Dabbling in endurance sports, you develop a mindset where not everything is a panic. You pick a pace and make adjustments over a longer duration. That’s how I deal with complex problems; there’s always a solution, you just have to persevere.”

“That’s the most important thing for me—the relationships, the follow-through and the quality of the project.”

Bryce Harstad, Director of Field Operations | Principal

One of Source’s founding Partners, Bryce directs field operations and still enjoys overseeing select high-end projects. “You can’t keep me away from the field, inspecting details big and small. I love making sure everything is running just the way it should.”

Thanks to his high expectations and a cheerful zest for perfection, Bryce has created a tight-knit crew that focuses on personal growth and professional pride.   “I want Source to have the best employees in the market place-  that makes our job easier and it makes the jobs come out better. We care a lot about the personal success of all our people; when I’m giving feedback, it’s always in the spirit of mentorship.”

Outside of work, Bryce is busy with his family, building stage props for his daughter’s musicals or cooking up a storm for large gatherings.


“What’s a successful project? When everyone walks away thinking, I’d like to do that again.”

Dave Bollentini, Director of Project Management | Vice President

This Source executive takes calm to a new level. No matter how many projects he’s juggling or how many intriguing challenges the other project managers bring to him,  Dave refuses to get ruffled. “I tend to not get overly excited; I like to look at the big picture, and work on the areas we do have control over.”

With over two decades of experience in commercial construction and project management, Dave understands how critical communication is to a successful project. “Every project has a unique definition of success.  For some it’s the budget, for others it’s the schedule or the innovation of the design. Getting it right all comes down to communication; that’s the only way to understand and meet the client’s top expectations.”

Those finely tuned communication and organizational skills also come into play at home where Dave has two active kids who compete year-round in sports.  “On weekends my wife and I divide and conquer to get our kids to all their events. I’m coaching their basketball and baseball teams and reliving my childhood through their eyes.”


“We emphasize ingenuity and openness. Our teams are constantly looking for the best ways to meet the project’s goals.”

Ben Kerran, Field Operations Manager | Vice President 

As Field Operations Manager, Ben strives to identify challenges before they become a schedule or cost concern. “When planning logistics or putting together a schedule, I want my guys to have a clear road map so they can meet every last milestone.  It’s my job to address 99% of potential hiccups before they even come up, so the tradesmen can just show up and enjoy doing what they do best- quality work.”

On the jobsite, Ben encourages active collaboration and mutual respect. “Look, a lot of our people have been working in the field for 20+ years.  We’re lucky to leverage their expertise.  If they come to me with an idea, we’ll carefully consider it. If it makes sense to implement it, we will.  No one here is greedy with their knowledge; we share what we know and encourage everyone to make meaningful contributions. This culture is something we are very proud of at Source.”

People who work with Ben tend to enjoy his positive, can-do attitude.  The only place his humility slips is on the golf course.